Wirtgen Road Technologie Days


The Wirtgen Road Technologie Days is a two days event to show any news about the brands Wirtgen, Vögele and Hamm. The world leaders of road technologie.
At the first evening of this event there is a large indoor gala show and also a big stadium show outside.

Indoor we designed three seperate lasershows at all: one opening show including perfect timed interaction with Theo Dari and two additional beamshows for a beautiful singer.

The outdoor show was a very complex 25 minutes multimediashow interacting with many big machines of Wirtgen, Vögele and Hamm, a lot different artists and many more specials. Among other things we did a soft-edged projection through the whole arena. For example we projected a path for the small machines, a highway for the bigger ones, a 3D animated lasergrid, laser-letters, a catwalk and many more effects.

We were responsible for the hole laser design, preprogramming, 3d laser-visualization and laser operating on side (indoor and outdoor). Quality and high precision work was the biggest aim at this event, so we used 10 LaserAnimation Sollinger Phaenon Projectors at all, controlled via LaserAnimation Sollinger Lasergraph DSP controller. We also installed a full redundand network infrastructure.

Utilized technology:
– 8 high-performance laser projectors (LaserAnimation Sollinger Phaenon X 30.000) with integrated Grating Module and Lasergraph DSP
– 2 Phaenon Accurate
– 3 LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP
– Various outdoor bounce mirrors 20*20cm
– and some more special effects

Production by Zweiplan.de

Creative Director: Alex Hennig

Photos by Ralph Larmann

Watch a few excerpts of this Show: