Lasers are very versatile. You might think of disco lasers but there are many more applications: laser-mapping, laser-graphic projections, sky-beams, laser-visuals, combined laser-video projections and laser-beamshows with special fx. Feel free to contact us and get many more information about the possibilities!

A show depends on contrast: bright-dark, quiet-loud, hot-cold. We love to create magical moments and very different emotions. A show is not only a show: We want to tell a story!

With special effects like pyrotechnics, exactly timed fireworks, flame machines and other special fx we shoot your show to another universe!

Water is one of the most interesting elements usable in multimediashows. Fountains up to 60 metres, flames on the top of the fountain, water moving around to the beat of the music: Creating scenes with water is one of the most beautiful things to do. Convince yourself!

Creating a multimediashow with video and many effects always requires a superb timing of all mediums. All our video content is perfectly designed for the specific show. Combining video, lasers and other mediums creates effects, which are always unique and just bombastic.


Sparkling Sea - Watershow


Sinfonia Degli Elementi

Oranienburg - City Jubilee


Vodafone - Corporate Event


Vodafone ´17 with Water/ Special FX

Water-/ Multimediashow Preview