Custom Show Programming

Custom Show Programming

We are always giving our best to create a special event for you. Our shows are designed for small to big areas utilising a lot of special effects like bounce or effect mirrors.

We are designing our Shows perfectly match your event and location. For that we are designing a 3D environment of your location so that you can see what we can do!

Apart from custom shows we provide stock shows from our showpool too. Just ask us!

It is possible to implement different techniques you got in mind to pump up the show! We are able to combine all elements like fire, water, special fx, shooter or whatever you want for your perfect show. For example you could choose a stock beamshow and add some fire effects.


customer contact
First of all we will check your requirements like the length, usable special effects, music, story. We always want to give you the best you can get!
Based on our conversation we will create some samples or the hole show in a virtual environment. You will get updates and you can always see the progress of your show!
technical planning
Design is important, but as important as the pre-programming is the on-site implemantation. We really want to see our design perfectly implemented. So its highly necessery to have the best technical planning possible to resolve every potential issue. We would love to do that for you!
technical support & laser technicians
We have a lot of very experienced laser technicians to install all the laser projectors, flame machines, special fx and water installations at your event. We guarantee a smooth event!
At most shows it has proven itself that it is vital to have an experienced laser operator. We are able to control the worlds leading laser software platforms like Laseranimation Sollinger DSP, Pangolin BEYOND, Dynamics and Medialas MIII. With our partners we also control the video/ visual platforms, water installations with Syncronorm Depence and pyrotechnics/ special fx.


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