LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP Shows

LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP Shows

Showpool Excerpts LaserAnimation Sollinger DSP

Most of our projects are completely custom made and project based programmings. Nevertheless we also want to share our pool of pre-programmed beamshows with you.

Specialized in designing and programming of laser animation and laser show productions on the world leading software platforms, our shows have been honoured with many show design awards. We mentioned if it´s more a basic (B), intermediate (I) or pro (P) show (considering projector numbers, length, quality and complexity of the show).

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If you need a custom made show, feel free to contact us also!

DSP1: (I) Halleluja

DSP2: (I) Rise like a Phoenix


direct contact

You will have direct contact to the showdesigner itself. When a problem occurs, we are able to solve it fast!

fast & reliable

You need the show as fast as possible, and maybe customized? We will be happy to support you right now!


You will always see what you will get. When you got a special setup, we can adjust the showfiles and visualize the show exactly on your environment.


You got all the stuff, but need help in implementation? No problem, we would like to help you, that your event will be a success! Watch also our other full services.


The show itself looks cool, but you want to add some graphics/ mappings, change/add a part or do some other cool stuff? Just hit us up!