Wirtgen Invest Inauguration

It has been one of these shows, being postponed for one year due to the pandemic. Contrary to others, the client decided to keep the original concept unchanged.

For the inauguration of the headquarters of a private investment company we created a fanciful show staging the building itself as the star of the evening. A generous set of lighting outside and inside the building were the basis for a brilliant laser mapping on the basis of 5 laser projectors, bringing the facade of the building to life. Sometimes it really created the illusion that the building started moving to the music. Another 5 laser projectors created atmospherics to put the audience right in the center of the show performance. On top of that large pyro accents, fire artists and an aerial artist suspended from a helium balloon gave the show a strong emotional impact and created such a visual opulence that the audience’s senses were virtually overwhelmed for several minutes.

We were responsible for the hole laser design, preprogramming, 3d laser-visualization and laser operating on side. Quality and high precision work was the biggest aim at this event, so we used 10 High performance Laser Projectors at all, controlled via LaserAnimation Sollinger Lasergraph DSP.

For this show we earned the 1st place in the ILDA Awards 2022.

Production by Zweiplan.de

Creative Director: Alex Hennig

Laserdesign: Merlin Schaadt

Watch the award winning Show: