PV LIVE – Productpresentation

Every year PV Automotive, a supplier of car workshop equipment, invites their customers to a big private exhibition with a big party.
This years show had to be a combined intense & modern intro with a product introduction of a new released software.
Therefore we started the show with a custom made 3D sport car animation with overlapping laser lines using some special grating effects on the projection. After that 3D car intro we pointed out the new key features of the software with combined video/ laserprojections, always with beamshow and lighting support to a room filling experience.

We were responsible for the storyboarding, laser-preprogramming, 3d video & laserdesign and laser operating on side.

Utilized technology:
– 10 high-performance laser projectors, 21W RGB
– 2 LaserAnimation Sollinger Phaenon X 7000 with integrated Grating Module & LD Optics
– 2 OPSL RTI PIKO Projectors, 20W Green
– 7 LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP dual
– 1 LaserAnimation Lasergraph DSP travel
– and some more special effects

Watch a few excerpts of this Show: